About Me

My Philosophy

 I love life, I love to love unconditionally, I love the unique possibility
every woman has to create a better World
giving birth in a respectful way for herself and her child.

Hi, I'm Ele: The Hugging Doula and I believe every woman has the right to give birth in a way that’s most respectful of herself and her child.
For me, childbirth is sacred and I want to help create this sacred space for each woman as she welcomes her child into the world, the way she wants to and the way she deserves to.

My journey to become a Doula
My History
I’m Italian, but I began moving around the globe at the age of 5 and have lived in Italy, Brazil, the USA and Portugal. I’m now living in the UAE with my husband Damiano and our three girls.
My passion for pregnancy and childbirth - and the phenomenal way a woman’s life changes with maternity - began at a very early age, and I had my first child at 25. My three pregnancies were filled with differing experiences, from gestational diabetes to Caesarean section to VBAC, as well as the traumatic experience of having a baby spend time in NICU.
I had so many ups and downs, but all of my experiences heightened my curiosity around pregnancy, birth and motherhood; essentially, what women need to know in order to have confidence in their own strength, their own abilities and their own babies, and to be able to trust their instincts.
At 28 I established a special gathering place for mums where I was living in Milan, called ‘Il Club Delle Mamme’ (The Mums’ Club). My goal was to give Italian mums a place to go where they could feel safe, feel supported, seek information and camaraderie, and link up with others finding their way on their journey of transition between ‘woman’ and ‘mother’. Feedback from the community was incredibly positive and within the space of a few short months the club had hundreds of members, a wide range of activities going on and great support from local and national media.
By the time I was 30 I had three girls, The Mums’ Club was firmly established and I never had a single hair in place! But I knew I had found my place in life.
A natural extension of my passion was to become a doula. I first discovered the role in Milan, thanks to a European project focused on developing professional figures to support women through pregnancy and early motherhood, and I did my first training course through this project, becoming a qualified Doula. 
The following year, I consolidated this training with a second course through Mondo Doula www.mondo-doula.it.
Due to family reasons I moved to Dubai in 2010 and I had to leave behind my business. It took some time to heal from the loss and, once ready to totally offer myself to women again, I continued my training to support women throught pregnancy and motherhood.

Since 2017 I am one of the very few Birth Doulas in the Middle East certified by DONA Int: the most prestigeous Association of Doulas in the World - please visit their website for more details https://www.dona.org/what-is-a-doula/
To be able to give an extra support post natal, I also trained and became an Infant Massage Instructor certified by I.A.I.M.:  http://www.iaim.net/
ele doula dubai
My Team, My family
My Teachers, my Gurus
During my journey towards becoming a qualified doula I’ve had the incredible honour to have been taught by some of the most amazing women in the field. They shared their knowledge and skills to enable me to support women according to their wishes, from all different perspectives: practical, emotional, informative, sacred and much more.