Doula Birth Support
As a Doula, I'm trained to support the Mum, the Dad and the Family during the transition of becoming parents.​

My dream is to change the World helping the human babies being welcomed in in their mum's arms in the most respectful way.
One baby at the time... would you join me in my dream?

Doula: from the Greek, meaning ‘birth supporter’ or ‘birth companion’. A non-medical person hired to provide support for a woman pre-birth, during childbirth and post-birth.
Essentially, when I act as your doula, I’m there for you. My aim is to share information and knowledge with you during your pregnancy so you can make educated choices regarding your birth experience; to support you, care for you and nurture you as you give birth; and to share information and knowledge with you in the days following your birth to enable you to adapt quickly to being a mother.

What I do as a Doula

I’ll support you during your pregnancy and share information to help you make informed, educated choices during your birth experience.
I’ll be there to hold you, support you and help you continuosly during your labour and delivery; I will be able to help you during your experience of giving birth, listening to your needs and following your wishes, either helping you practising the different positions for reducing pain during the urges, massaging your back for oxytcin release, making the birth room as much intimate as possible, and many more.
I’ll remind you of birth options we’ve discussed, especially if you’re finding it difficult to focus.
I’ll help you trust your instincts and provide continuous emotional support and physical comfort.
I’ll sit with you post-birth and make sure you’re cared for, supported and nurtured.

What I don’t do as a Doula
I’ll never perform any clinic or medical tasks such as blood pressure checks, foetal heart monitors or vaginal exams.
I won’t ever prescribe or administer any medications.
I can’t make any decisions for you.
I can’t speak to hospital staff on your behalf, although I can pass information to your husband so he can transmit your wishes.
I can’t be responsible for your transportation to the hospital.

The information I provide you does not ever, in any way, replace the care and advice from your registered midwife or medical doctor.

So how do we get started?
I understand the critical importance of having a connection with your doula; after all, we’ll share probably the most intimate experience of your life! So, my first request is that we meet in person and make sure we ‘click’ together. You’ll know if you’ll be happy having me taking you through antenatal information, if you’ll be happy having me in the delivery room, if you’ll be happy having me sit with you post-birth as you take everything in.
Once you’ve decided I am the person for you, we’ll meet two to three times for one to one sessions to discuss various aspects of your delivery. This won’t replace your antenatal sessions at the hospital you’ve chosen for your birth or your community clinic; my sessions aim to give you a more rounded idea of birth options, and ensure you have all the information you’ll need to make informed, educated choices about your care and that of your baby.
As your delivery draws near, I’ll be on call for 15 days before your due date and 15 days after. When the time comes, I’ll be there to support you and care for you during labour, your delivery and the first post-partum hours.
I can then hold postnatal informative sessions for you where we’ll cover aspects of caring for your newborn, from managing the day-to-day challenges to feeding, sleeping and more.​