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During the past decades different studies have been made to prove the benfits of having a professional Doula supporting women during pregnancy and labor.
These are some of the proven results of costantly having a Doula at your side during labor:

What is a Doula?
The word doula means “to serve” or “mothering the mother.” Essentially, a doula is a professionally trained support person for your birth and/or postpartum experience.  A doula’s responsibility is to provide you and your family with continuous emotional, physical and informational support throughout your pregnancy, labour and postpartum period. With this in mind, my goal is to support, inform and nurture you with love and knowledge on your journey to becoming a Mum and to help you have the best birth possible, with or without pain medication.  
Why should I hire a Doula?
Studies have proven that the continuous support provided by a doula during a birth experience reduces the need for inductions and the risk of C-sections, while increasing the likelihood of having a vaginal birth and the general satisfaction of the overall birth experience. (Hodnett et al, 2012)  Women also traditionally experience shorter labours (by 40 minutes) and their babies were less likely to have low Apgar scores at birth when doulas are involved in the birth experience. (Dekker, NA)  
What does a doula provide?
·               Information/knowledge
·               Support by phone, email (in addition to one-to-one meetings)
·               Early labour support
·               Help on deciding when it is time to go to the hospital
·               Continuous care during and immediately after labour
·               Reassurance that everything is normal
·               Ideas to help progress labour
·               Various comfort measures
·               Relaxation support
·               Advocacy acting as a liaison for better communication with the medical staff
·               Support for your partner
·               Immediate one-on-one postpartum support and breastfeeding support
·               Help to initiate and encourage immediate bonding
I have a husband as my coach; do I really need a doula?
A doula is not there to replace your husband.  Your husband is also becoming a parent and he may have his own apprehensions. As a doula, I am there to support both of you during pregnancy and labour. A doula’s presence will allow your husband to participate at his own comfort level; some husbands prefer to be there only to witness the birth of their child, while others prefer to be the major source of emotional support.  The doula can supplement his efforts, making suggestions for comfort measures and offering reassurance and support. During a long tiring labour, a doula can give your husband breaks to rest and recharge.
I already have a doctor or a midwife; why should I hire a Doula?
Having a doula guarantees you will receive CONTINUOUS labour support.  While the nurses, doctors and midwives have other responsibilities and patients to attend to, your doula is solely focused on supporting you, not charting your progress.
Do doulas only attend natural or water births?
No, doulas can attend a home birth (outside of the UAE) and hospital births regardless of whether the birth is to be natural, a water birth, C-section or a normal birth with planned epidurals/medication.