Post Natal Doula
In many cultures around the world, the first 40 days of life with your new baby is the most crucial. You’re still so connected to each other - in fact, your baby doesn’t even realise he or she is separate from you - and yet you were perfect strangers until just a few days ago. You’d never even met! It’s only natural that for these first few oh-so-confusing weeks, you’re likely to be ever so slightly lost and probably won’t know much about what you’re doing. As so many new mothers have said to me, babies don’t come with an instruction manual! Help is at hand, though, and I aim to be as much of that manual as I can through my postnatal informative sessions.

As a post natal Doula I will meet you in these private sessions during wich my goal is to help you boost your confidence as a new mum and learn to trust your instincts with your baby while you learn to live together as a family. I cover a wide range of topics relating to having the new family member around, including everything from specifics such as breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact and babywearing to practical challenges - What do I do with baby while I shower? How and when can I nap? How hot does the bathwater need to be?-. I’ll never pretend to be an expert on anything, but I aim to share my knowledge and will always encourage you to find your own confidence to be the expert on your own baby, through a variety of means.

Many cultures around the world also believe that 40 days is the absolute minimum time a woman needs to recover from childbirth and regain her strength so she’s fit enough to take care of her new family. For this reason, I don’t just focus on caring for baby; I care that you’re doing as well as you can be, too, and we’ll talk about how you can make sure you’re taking care of yourself first so you can be in a position to be the best mother you can be.

Whether it’s caring for baby or caring for you, or both, my goal with these postnatal informative sessions is to make sure your journey as a mother gets off to the best possible start.