Rebozo Relaxing Sessions
Perhaps my most unique service is the Rebozo, a concept I fell in love with many years ago. It’s an invaluable tool used by women, for women; women in pregnancy, women in labour, women in the postpartum period.

A Rebozo is a long, flat cloth used by women in Mexico. I got my Rebozo from a very wise woman, Angela Martinez Miranda, who passed me her precious knowledge as a Mexican midwife with vast experience. As Angela taught me, a Rebozo is an extension of the arms of she who uses it, and these arms are there to embrace the woman, to connect with her, to relax her.
When used during pregnancy, it helps the woman to release the tensions, deeply listen to herself and connect with her baby in a very unique way.
When used in labour, it’s a support, allowing for rhythmic movements and better positioning with the aim of easing pain and discomfort.
Used in the postpartum period, it induces a sense of extreme relaxation, reducing stress, discomfort and anxiety, and releasing the tension that can be brought about by birth.

The Rebozo is why I call myself The Hugging Doula. During Rebozo sessions, when we embrace, we experience such a deep connection our very souls are relaxed. Tensions slip away, stress melts, we experience absolute trust. A hug is a profound tool for women to support, nurture and love one another in a safe, secure environment.

Let me use my Rebozo to take you to my safe place.
Rebozo - Testimonials

I first heard of rebozo from Eleonora, who I’d engaged to be my doula. I’d never heard of it before! I’m always up for trying anything new and it sounded interesting; completely different from any other traditional relaxation techniques or massages. As I didn’t know much about it, I didn’t really have any expectations other than hoping to feel relaxed.

The rebozo went under my head, neck, belly and legs, one area at a time. Ele took the two ends of the rebozo – one in each hand – and, using the rebozo, released the weight of my baby from my body. She used a small, gentle side-to-side movement called sifting to induce a sense of relaxation. It was a lovely, gentle way to relax, both during the session and afterwards.

My favourite part was when Ele was working on my legs; I was nine months pregnant at the time and my legs were really tired and in need of a good stretch, and the rebozo really helped make them feel much better.

I’d highly recommend rebozo to all pregnant ladies out there.


I originally heard the term rebozo on the website, but only in relation to the exercise of sifting to help deal with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).In my 39th week of pregnancy, I posted a message on a Facebook group directed at helping mums access support including doulas and nannies, and Eleonora got in touch with me about her efforts to increase awareness of rebozo.

The level of inconvenience in breathing, sleeping and moving in this pregnancy has been really demotivating for me but Ele explained how much rebozo could help with relaxation and removing negativity. I had high hopes of being at peace and worry-free.

The rebozo session was extremely relaxing. The week before, my hormones were all over the place and I experienced frequent hot flashes, but the rebozo session calmed and relaxed me more than anything else. I stopped perspiring as soon as Ele started (although I started again when she stopped and I got up!).

What was truly amazing for me was my ability to sense my baby’s heartbeat, and feel his movements more clearly.

I’d definitely recommend rebozo to any pregnant woman who wants to become more in tune with her baby and achieve a sense of relaxation, especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy.